I am from Taiwan
Projection Installation,
Vinyl Lettering.
Mar 2021.
When I was little,
a fortune teller said I will do a job in politics, maybe a legislator.
I was so disappointed and not happy.
Politics is nasty, not elegant, masculine to me at that time.
I made up my mind never to let this happen.

When I was in elementary school,
I asked my dad why there are so many conflicts after Chen elected president.
My dad reply to me that kids should stay away from politics.

In my Sophomore year of college,
Sunflower Student Movement happened in Taiwan.
I sleep on the street in front of the legislature with my classmates to protest the trade pact with China that would hurt Taiwan's economy and leave it vulnerable to political pressure from Beijing.

Two years later,
I was the first time voter
and Tsai was elected Taiwan’s first female president.

When I was 25 years old,
I came to the states.
I stand firm in my position as a Taiwanese among the majority of Chinese classmates.
One of my friends told me the Chinese laugh me Taiwan's pro-independence idiot behind my back.

Everything is political is even more true for Taiwanese, we are luckily unlucky to be in this period.

When I told my mom I am doing a project about Taiwanese political status, she asks me not to talk in a too aggressive and confrontational way.
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